Dacian Groza

Website Illustrations for ArtLedger

—  ArtLedger is a non-profit consortium that bridges the gap between the art industry and the digital world. I created a  series of  playful digital sculptures that  explore the connection between these two worlds.
—  I was tasked with designing a new visual direction that reflects the company’s positioning at the intersection between art and technology. To define a visual language and illustrate abstract and technical concepts in visually compelling ways, I created a series of digital sculptural forms that allude to cutting edge technology, and could comfortably find their place in a modern art gallery.—  The digital sculptures set the tone of ArtLedger’s new website using bright colors, intriguing materials, and a playful blend of reality and digital posibilities.Viewed in Layouts Design Challenges “Materializing the Intangible” - bridging the gap between art and technology, using visual language familiar to artistic personalities, which form ArtLedger’s intended audience. Approach The project’s focus is on concepts that are inherently abstract such as potential, scale, community and support. I wanted to creatively suggest these ideas. The resulting digital sculptures are intended to evoke a feeling rather than to provide a clear message. I designed a series of discrete grids and guides, that imply the technology supporting the more obvious, abstract and surrealist forms. I embraced the combination as a storytelling mechanism.Exploration 
and development
Colors and Materials
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Dacian Groza   3D Illustration, Animation
Sorel Arghire   Layout, Front-end Development
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