Dacian Groza

Brand Development and Visuals for MadHive

—  At Madhive, I was part (half) of a tiny, agile design team responsible for everything related to visual, and marketing design. I produced visual assets for all applications, from screen to print, from the company’s early stages into its breakthrough and established status.
—  I developed a bold, unique aesthetic, to match the company’s goal of disrupting the adtech industry.
01.Marketing materials
Illustrations, Iconography, Layouts
Design Challenges
In the early days of a start-up, the company is trying to define itself. Everything is fluid, and rapid changes happen all the time. The main challenge was working fast to meet short deadlines, while at the same time creating design rules to ensure consistency between all media and materials.
Design Solutions
I created a series of illustrations following Generative Art techniques. This allowed me to produce variation using common elements and experiment with composition and color schemes. I used bold colors, logo elements and primitive shapes, to make the brand immediately stand out from the crowd of competing tech startups.
02.Brand Guidelines Manual
A series of cheerful illustrations for the company’s brand manual.
03.Banners for Social Media
to illustrate articles for industry-related stories, partnerships and company events. Further developing the company’s aesthetic, I created graphics to illustrate specific abstract or technical concepts. At this stage, I explored a range of visual directions.
04.Banners for Newsletters
A selection from a series of banners for the company’s monthly newsletter. 
Providing variability between isues, while maintaining visual consistency.
Thank you!Team
Dacian Groza   3D Illustration, Animation, Layout Design
Sorel Arghire   Layout, Web Design, Brand Identity